Hello there and welcome! I am so happy you found your way here! 

Cloth and Patina is an online home décor boutique and community, created out of my love for weathered finds and vintage sparkle. I believe in quality, unique designs that reflect my passions and desire to make my customers feel happy and special. Cloth and Patina has a distinct style in terms of decorating. Create with what you love and what makes you happy, then by accentuating the beautiful details with a little sparkle, chippy shabby finishes and a peaceful neutral palette.

I have an eclectic style that's inspired by a bit of french, bohemian, farmhouse, cottage and vintage influences that all blend with soft weathered finishes. 

I've been blessed along the way to have been included in a handful of amazing magazines, articles, web features and a couple of instructional events.

My door is always open, so please always feel free to contact me. Hoping you find something here that makes you happy and that you find your way back from time to time.